My Home

It certainly isn’t this perfectly clean at the moment, with the sewing machine out, dishes in the sink, piles of books and schoolwork in various spots and punnets of seedlings ¬†on the bench ready for planting tomorrow, but it’s underneath all of that mess…lol….

Building a home is a process. I have literally painted the main living areas every 1 to 2 years, and we have been in this house for almost 18 years. Yep, that’s many coats of paint. I get bored with colour easily, so now white is the prominent colour, as it’s easy to change the decorator items as opposed to changing the wall colour…plus, I am getting older and I ache so much after a days painting. White is easy.

We don’t have expensive furniture in our home. Infact, most of it is IKEA stuff, which I love because with six kids , it doesn’t ¬†really matter how much you pay for stuff, it all falls apart and do ant last that long anyway. Even our kitchen is IKEA. It’s been in for three years and it’s still not finished. One day we will get there.

We still have no skirting boards in most of the living area too. All this takes time, especially if you are not that handy, and in our family’s world, these problems aren’t the biggies. In our lives, life happens. Tough years have been had by our family, and dealing with health, and death, and life, always comes before putting on skirting boards, or painting the ceiling.

So, here is our home, when it’s looking it’s best even if it is unfinished…I do have big plans though….

Until next time

Lots of it

Mandy xxx


Fairy Tales and Art

I have been the lucky winner of an amazing art course held by Willowing arts…Tamara Laporte did the first lesson…she gave instructional videos on how to produce “the little mermaid”. The course is more than just instructional. It is also about finding your own style, or helping to develop it…I don’t believe I have a style as yet but hopefully this 4 month course helps me “find” it. 

Here is my version of the little mermaid….and yes, I have been bursting out in song , all Disney of course, pretty much the whole day long…heeheehee…

Not overly satisfied with the tail, but that’s what the course is about…finding what you like and creating in your own way…

The second lesson was all about beauty and the beast…lots of layers on this one….water colours and text as, pencils and posca pens….I need to add a little more to it…stamping, book pages and some other bits….Andrea Gomoll was the artist who provided e instructions …it took a long time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process…

Ok…that’s it for now.

Until next time…

Mandy xxx